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Modern Eco - Feb 8th, 2010

Red roses, chocolate and champagne scream out romance to your loved one on Valentine's Day - but at what environmental cost? While you're planning a sweet treat for your lover, don't forget to be sweet to the planet as well. As you walk through the shop-o-plexus's in the next week or two, you may not feel like you don't have a lot of environmentally sound options when it comes to V-Day gifts. Well, before you toss in the towel and buy your loved one something boring, you might want to consider giving it one more try. Lucky for us last-minute types, you can find a cornucopia of eco-friendly V-day jewelry, bags, home accessories, etc. online. And although there's some contention regarding this day, we still think you should have a (green) heart and add a little romance in your life. I've put together a list of the more attractive, kitschy, and affordable green Valentine's gifts. Check 'em out below! Reclaimed Bottle Cufflinks: Handmade from "bottle butts," as artist Kathleen Plate calls them, these subtly sophisticated cufflinks feature a dime-sized piece of brilliant, glossy recycled glass taken from the bottom of water and beer bottles.

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