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Though glass containers are 100 percent recyclable, their recycling rate hovers around a low 28 percent nationally, according to 2008 Municipal Solid Waste data from the EPA.

Recycling rates are higher in some areas, most notably in states with glass bottle redemption values. But some crafty individuals are taking recycling into their own hands and turning their old beer bottles into useful and interesting products.

"Drink it. Wear it." That's the motto of Kathleen Plate and her company, Smart Glass Recycled Jewelry, which crafts pieces from recycled beer, wine and soda bottles. Beautiful earrings, pendants and necklaces adorn the site, which caught the attention of Coca-Cola in 2006. The soda giant commissioned her to create a line of jewelry from their signature bottles, a move illustrating the growing trend of using recycled bottle glass in upcycled objects.

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