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Daily - Sep 6th, 2009

My friend Amanda Leesburg owns a public relations agency in Atlanta, GA and invited me to swing by a preview of designers (many eco minded) in midtown Manhattan the other night to check out what they're working on. I was exhausted, having done a 14 hour work day, but realized I made a promise and in my world, a promise is a promise. So, I ran to the curb to hail a taxi and failed. Luckily a pedi-taxi was coming down 6th Avenue and I was able to get to my meeting and do it totally carbon-neutral. Yeah, for that! 
Other than guest editing the green issue of Elle magazine two years ago, I haven't had a need to find eco-friendly jewelry for stories. But with the amazing finds I saw at this showcase, I thought I'd share them with you! 
The innovation award goes to designer Kathleen Plate and her "SmartGlass" recycled jewelry line. She finds old bottles – wine, water, liquor – and somehow slices them into rings, heats them up to strengthen them, and polishes them into bangle bracelets. The more you wear, the more the individual colors play off each other. Really, this photo doesn't do them justice and it's such a fun, eco and "who-knew" product. 
Kudos to Kathleen on this one.

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