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A few years ago, eco-conscious and socially responsible accessories were limited to hemp necklaces and roughly constructed bracelets and other baubles. Fast forward to the present and what you find is an industry that has undergone rapid maturing and expansion. A quick look around reveals that everybody, from celebrities to major runway shows, is styling their looks with recycled and locally sourced accessories. For better boutiques across the country, it is time to get acquainted with some of the leading designers and be introduced to a few new ones as well. 
Smart Glass Jewelry 
Kathleen Plate's Smart Glass Jewelry has created stylish and socially conscious accessories since the 90's. Each piece is an original work, as the glass used is individually selected and cut from an empty beer, Coca-Cola or wine bottle. Her pieces can be seen on runways and celebrities such as Leighton Meester and Sienna Miller. 
Best selling pieces: The 1020 necklace - a large glass circle on a large chain made from Coca-Cola glass. The versatility of the piece lends itself to day and night, allowing consumers to feel they are getting their monies worth. 
Trend prediction: An increase in ribbon and colored metals due to the sky high costs of gold and silver. Plate was getting killed on the price of silver and introduced her first line with brass this year - it turned out to be a huge hit! 
How are they responsible? From the reclaimed water used in their landscaping to developing the industry's first ever eco-friendly, oxodegradable zip top baggies for jewelers, Smart Glass Jewelry means business when it comes to being green.

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