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Threads & Snippets - Jun 29th, 2010

I deviated a bit from my indie craft show habit to attend the Manayunk Arts Festival today with my mother-in-law and her pal. I don't consider it a true "indie" craft show since it's in its 21st year and is heavy on the fine art & photography, but times have changed since I was last there 8 years ago. I thought I'd go see what's new. Sure enough, I did find some modern crafters mixed in with traditional folk which suited the all-ages crowd. I was particularly impressed with all the upcycling going on...

My, my, my, look what can be done with discarded glass bottles! Kathleen Plate of Smart Glass takes bottle recycling to a new level. Her gorgeous chandelier-like hangings really capture the light... as do her interesting loopy necklaces. The glass colors are the original colors of the bottles they came from.

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