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Southeast - May 18th, 2009

Tonight, for the first time in Atlanta, celebrity designer Kathleen Plate will send five of her breathtaking, recycled glass dresses down the runway at Bauder Black Tie, Bauder College's annual design show and portfolio exposition. This year's event, aimed to educate students about eco-conscious fashion and the benefits of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, will honor Kathleen for her work done within the fashion community to promote sustainability. As founder and designer of Smart Glass Jewelry, Kathleen challenges people to look beyond the ordinary and find beauty in the unexpected by transforming glass bottles (primarily beer and wine bottles) into runway acclaimed jewelry. The powerful environmental message of her jewelry inspired her own personal challenge: to further explore her talents and inspire the environmentally friendly shift within the fashion industry beyond jewelry. Her efforts did not go unnoticed and in 2008 was invited to show three of her glass dresses at LA's Fashion Week. Her conceptual dresses are made with the signature cross section bottle pieces seen throughout the Smart Glass Jewelry line. Her Atlanta runway debut will feature the three dresses from Fashion Week, which include an aqua halter-style sundress made from sake bottles, a one-shoulder Grecian inspired look made from beer bottles, and a modern wedding dress with a full train. Unveiling tonight at Bauder Black Tie will be Kathleen's newest collection pieces, including a red cocktail dress with full hoop skirt and a dress made from local Coca-Cola bottles. "I'm honored to be a featured designer for this year's Bauder Black Tie," said Kathleen. "I hope that my dresses inspire the students to see the world as limitless in its opportunities so they themselves can become leaders within the fashion industry and work towards a sustainable future for our planet."

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