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Looking for a unique, cool, funky, not-too-expensive gift for the lady in your life? For say, Mother's Day? Izzit's got you covered in two words: Smart Glass. Before going too far, let me explain the measuring stick by which I judge a great gift to the women in my life. Like the guy who invented it, the method is pretty simple. I use a basic "friend-of-lady ooh-and-ahh scale" approach - where said lady can be wife, girlfriend, mom, etc. Here's how the system works: Start by finding what you think is a unique and meaningful gift. Present the gift. Note the approval level of the gifted woman in your life – after all, if she's unwilling to show the gift to her friends, oohs-and-ahhs are unlikely. The gift giver then tracks the ooh-and-ahh response rate of the gifted lady�s friends. If your gift gets any oohs-and-ahhs, you�ve done well. If the gift gets many oohs-and-ahhs, you�re a hero. If you get none, I�m sure Hallmark will invent another gift-giving holiday just so you can have a do-over. And here�s the point: The greatest ooh-and-ahh response rate I�ve ever seen was for a Smart Glass necklace my sons and I gave my wife for Mother�s Day three years ago. And we�re talking about persistent, durable, never-waning ooh-ahh responses from friends and public alike. My wife�s square amber recycled Smart Glass necklace is easily her favorite piece of casual jewelry and she receives compliments for it all the time. It�s like a chunky-cool recycled conversation starter hung by leather around her neck. Smart Glass is cool, bank account friendly (many pieces are under $100), and you can feel good about giving it. Each handmade piece is crafted in the U.S. and designed by artist Kathleen Plate, whose knack for crafting casual-but-sophisticated necklaces, earrings and bracelets is spot-on. And since many of the pieces are made from recycled glass, including a line of former Coke bottle piece, you can feel great about their eco-cred too. So head on over to Smart Glass and find some gifts for the Moms in your life�even if that includes the Mom named you� While you�re at it, I�ll try to find something to match my Smart Glass success � after all, you can only go to the well so many times, and with great gifting comes great responsibility.

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