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The Pop Couture - May 15th, 2009

Some things in this world are so simple and so strangely beautiful that it makes you stop in your tracks and take a longer look. This is exactly how I feel every time I pass the circular light reflections on the old Foster�s building on Jackson St. in Athens, GA. It�s the only place where I have ever found such ghostly ringlets. They seem to intentionally adorn the brick wall with their mysterious light. I�m not sure if anyone else would appreciate it as much as I do, but I have had a certain fondness in my heart for this sight for years. It decorates the city amongst a sea of dark brick buildings and only illuminates for a period before sunset. Like the city itself, it�s timeless and endearing. 
Determined to find something to remind me of this sight when I leave Athens, I found these Smart Glass earrings that resemble those lovely lighted orbs. These earrings are created from recycled glass bottles along with other necklaces, bracelets, etc. I could not think of a better way to evoke one of my favorite Athens memories while also being eco-chic. Check out

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