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Hall of Style on Shopflick TV - Apr 29th, 2009

How do you know if its really green or just another trendy promise? Everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon these days. But how do you really know if a designer or a manufacturer is truly green and not just green-washing? Host Davida Hall travels the eco-design landscape to get the real story and along the way, finds designers whose work is both thoroughly green and beautifully constructed -- what it takes to make Davida's Eco Hall of Style: 
* LA-based EcoSkin uses sustainable fabrics and stringent, local, and carbon-conscious production to create beautiful and wearable knit jersey pieces. From the garment tags to the coconut trim buttons, EcoSkin is a model green company. 
* As the master of the upcycle, Atlanta-based Smart Glass takes us from the recycling bin to the runways with jewelry made from recycled glass bottles. Discover how old beer bottles are reborn into their exciting afterlife.
* A pioneer in the eco couture movement, world-renowned designer Linda Loudermilk explains some of her unusual materials, including her luxurious milk-based fabric. 
* In Berkeley, CA designer Casey Larkin innovates with her chic, well-edited Mr. Larkin line. Using everyday greenery like onion skins, carrots, and plant leaves she creates sustainable and vibrant clothing dyes right in the backyard. 
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