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Jute & Jackfruit - Jan 12th, 2009

I am excited to announce our newest jewelry designer at Jute and Jackfruit, Kathleen Plate of Smart Glass. Smart Glass is a pioneer in the earth-friendly, recycled jewelry market and is one of the best (in my opinion) that uses recycled glass. Powering the Recycling Market. To put this new collection in the context of our current economic downturn, these pieces not only provide benefit to the environment through their use of recycled materials, but they also serve an important role at this juncture in time, with our diminishing recycling market across the country at the moment. One of the unfortunate consequences of our recent economic downturn has been the detrimental impact on our recyclables (glass, plastics, cardboards, metals). For example, it is no longer economical to sort, store and retain certain recyclables in parts of the country because the products have become prohibitively expensive. Companies are reducing purchases of certain recyclables due to less credit, less cash on hand, and overall leaner times. As a result, more plastic, glass and cardboard materials are piling up on our landfills with no other place to go. To read more on this issue, please see New York Times article and our Green Cotton post on this issue. So what simpler way to support this fledgling market than to support, promote and purchase innovative products derived from recyclables? One such product line is Smart Glass but there is also Escama handbags made with recycled soda pull-tabs and Engage Green bags made with recycled soda and water bottles as well as many others. What are your favorites? Jute and Jackfruit is honored and delighted to carry Smart Glass pieces in our store, not only because each one is unique, hand-crafted and beautiful, but also so we can support the recycling market as part of the larger environmental movement. Smart Materials. Unlike jewelers who use naturally polished sea glass, Smart Glass items are individually cut, designed and polished. And as one might imagine, this is not easy. Individually cutting glass bottles into circular pieces requires special cutters followed by filers coupled with a close attention to detail to avoid inadvertent cuts to one�s skin. All of Smart Glass pieces come from recycled wine, beer and soda bottles including Coca-Cola bottles. The Coca Cola collection is in fact an officially licensed product and is part of Coca-Cola�s efforts to support recycling of its glass products. The glass is sourced and made 100% in the USA. Being based in Atlanta, this is a logical move for Smart Glass since Coca-Cola is also based in Atlanta. The soft aquamarine tones of the Coca-Cola bottle glass collection are also one of my favorites. Symbolic Circular Design. Smart Glass designs are at once very simple but also enticing and sophisticated. There is something compelling about the single circle in fact. For me personally, I have always been drawn to circles� as symbolic of sustainability and life. More specifically, if we look at the environmental movement and recycling in particular, the circle is a perfect symbol of a closed loop system, an admission of finite resources and the need to preserve, conserve these resources for long-term growth and sustenance. To me, Smart Glass directly benefits the environment through the use of recycled glass materials, but also captures elements of a more sustainable lifestyle and philosophy through the circular designs. Here is a small snapshot of what we have just added to our store. I hope you enjoy and let us know what you think. We love hearing from you.

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