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Smart Glass Jewelry has launched a "recycled line." In this case, "Recycled" as in glass accessories form sources as broad as wine bottles to Perrier, Coca-Cola, beer and many other bottles. Although recycled glass can involve the use of massive blast furnaces and other energy intensive mega-machinery, Kathleen Plate's recycled line of glass jewelry is created from a delicate method that is low-impact all around. Kathleen has created a unique, simple and popular style for her recycled line for women�s jewelry. In fact, her jewelry is hand-crafted, providing a personal and one-of-a-kind product worth its sentimental weight to many a consumer. Given the fact that in 2005, production of glass was responsible for 4.2 million tons of CO2 emissions, this is the simplest of examples of businesses profiting form resourceful green solutions. Kathleen grew up in Washington State and began her tutorial of stained glass when she was very young. Her skilled and craft-driven mother taught her the basics of cutting and soldering glass. Those early influences shine in her works today according to Kathleen. In her spare time, she designed and created her own unique jewelry which she sold to local shops in the 90�s. Her products sold so well in fact that she put her graduate work in American Lit on the back burner to take her skills to profit nationally. As it is today, Kathleen�s Smart Glass jewelry is in over 500 stores nationwide and selling strong and even catching the praise and attention of stars on the television screen.

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