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Spork Fashion - Nov 13th, 2008

The Green Initiative always puts on a good show. Organized by the Green Gallery, a Los Angeles-based showroom that reps eco-friendly and globally-conscious designers, the Green Initiative is a collaborative show, this year featuring five designers: Emily Factor, M the Movement, ecoSkin, Lilikoi, and jewelry by Smart Glass. M the Movement featured a pair of impressive, acrobatic dancers; ecoSkin opened with African drummers and dancers, and included a menagerie of wild animals escorting the models down the runway; Lilikoi had Hawaiian dancers. The clothing was not particularly spectacular, but very wearable. Emily Factor�s collection of feminine dresses is a cacophony of colors and patterns that all somehow work together. M the Movement presented a men�s collection. ecoSkin and Lilikoi both offered wearable dresses and separates in flattering silhouettes and soft, eco-friendly fabrics. All jewelry was provided by Smart Glass, made from recycled bottles of wine and beer. Smart Gallery wrapped up the show with their concept dresses, which tinkled down the runway like a champagne toast.

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