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Digital Runway - Nov 10th, 2008

The green wave seems to have caught on with the runways in a big way. The Mercedez-Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios in Culver City climaxed with a Green Initiative �Humanitarian Fashion Show.� The event showcased eco-friendly collections by internationally known designers and consisted of five segments. The concept was brought forth by activist Mikey Koffman of The Gallery Los Angeles. Emily Factor opened the show with bright colors and bohemian designs. Next in line was M the Movement and designer Simplicio Michael Luis presented a menswear line made from natural elements like soybean, bamboo, and charcoal materials. The collection displayed an interesting variety of jeans, jackets, and shirts and chopped-short ties. Sandy Skinner�s EcoSkin collection mostly revolved around plain, solid-hued organic cotton jersey dresses and nothing exceptionally innovative to offer. She chose to bring live wild animals- a wolf, python, and monkey to the ramp which appeared rather contadictory to the message that the show was trying to convey. Lilikoi, Barbara Boswell�s ethical and sustainable label showcased soft cotton dresses in feminine colors and silk-screened designs, thus re-vamping the basic jersey look. Kathleen Plate presented her collection of SmartGlass Recycled Jewelry that consisted of necklaces, earrings, belts and bracelets fashioned out of recycled glass bottles. 

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