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All About the Pretty - Oct 31st, 2008

Fortunately, I was able to catch the Green Initiative Humanitarian Fashion Show, which started off with a BANG�.literally! The banging of drums were heard as the lights rise upon explosive drummers and jubilant, expressive dancers, courtesy of an African dance troupe. Another segment opened with, Native American dancers, a model walking a dog, another with an albino python, and the designer holding a monkey. For a moment, I thought I was at an �environmentally friendly� zoo. On the subject of oddities, the models were blazing the runway with a swagger. They displayed a fun, sexy, flirtatious demeanor. It was very intriguing to watch. All five designers, Ecoskin, Emily factor, Lilikoi, M the Movement, and Smartglass, brought their �A� game when creating their �Green� designs. The woman of the hour was none other than Mikey Koffman, the activist of The Gallery Los Angeles that was credited for banding these five designers together to promote eco-friendly clothing. Get in on this trend while it�s HOT! I actually believe this premise of design will be the blueprint in which garments are engineered, for years to come.

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