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Modarazzi - Oct 30th, 2008

On thursday night, The Gallery Los Angeles, known for their promotion of eco friendly brands, presented Emily Factor, M The Movement, ecoSkin, Lilikoi and Smart Glass Jewelry. Green friendly companies, have been an increasingly growing trend in the last year or so, with celebrities such as Paris Hilton endorsing what we should all have been paying notice to long ago. For the general populace the idea of clothing that is friendly to the ecosystem conjures up mental pictures of hippies of old, however in the past two seasons the goal has been to dispell the popular belief that an ensemble can not be trendy and also friendlier to the enviroment, the perfect blend. While this has been a battle fought for the better part of the last six or seven years, it is clear that these talented and creative individuals are nearing a turning point in a long war, slowly as the seasons draw forth and pass by, minds are being changed and new heights of creativity are being reached. So without further delay, I greatefully present �The Green Initiative Humanitarian Fashion Show� Los Angeles Fashion Week Spring 2009. (Click on the link to view video)

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