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Hollywood Today - Oct 24th, 2008

From alternative sites to MBFW itself, LA Fashion Week had style and surprises By Karen Ostlund HOLLYWOOD CA (Hollywood Today) Lively Shows from Blue Tattoo to Voom by Joy Han and GenArt, the alternative events during what was called Mercedes Benz Fashion Week have expanded to a two week event of great merit. Especially in light of this year�s announced split of IMG�s LA MBFW and its longtime home at Smashbox. The Eco Green Gallery closed its yearly trunk show downtown at the Cooper Design Space across from The Califoria Market Center. They will open up the store again when Los Angeles Market week closes its door Today. Their yearly fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week became a closing night attraction and party and went off with big success in front of a full house. The Humanitarian fashion show, also called the the Green Initiative featured three new designers for Spring 2009: Emily Factor, EcoSkin and Smartglass. M The Movement, a unisexline by Michael Luis and Lilikoi by Barbara Boswell made their debut last season. Michael Luis Spring 2009 includes separates such as light weight cargo pocket nylon windbreakers,with skinny basic jeans and organic tees in graphic pop colors. Lilikoi is named after Hawaiian word for passion fruit. The company was founded in 2005 by designer Barbara Boswell and all garments, handbags and scarves are handmade at their manufacture located in British Columbia, Canada. The textiles she uses is made of eco-friendly material such as bamboo, soy, organic cotton and linen. Wet Cement,a handmade, custom- screened T Shirt-line was part of the Humanitarian group last year. This year Wet Cement made an out show at Club Boulevard 3 to benefit Operation Smile, a charity to help repair facial deformities of children overseas. Emily Factor is best known as the sister of Dean and Davis Factor, owners of Smashbox Studios before she became a designer. This debut line for Spring 2009 is named after herself. The inspiration is mermaids and oceanic creatures and she put them into prints and texture for this collection. She uses all natural and organic fibers and low impact dyes. A big part of the collection is dresses that drape to emphasize the best part of your body. Creator of Ecoskin, Sandy Skinner describes her line as eco-chic, eco-smart and eco-sexy and her catch phrase is �I want the �Ecoskin woman who wear my clothes to feel the influence of nature, and the infusion of style and sophistication within each garment.� She admits she designs with a vision of creating an environment where,humans,nature and animals can live in peace and harmony. Her dresses give the feeling of summer in the South of France and Italian Riviera and the silhouettes are feminine ruffles and deep necklines. The most eye-catching details of the geometric print and blue water colored dresses are the buttons -that are made of coconuts and wood. Smartglass recycled jewelry slogan is �you won�t believe how beautiful a beer bottle can be� All Smartglass jewelry is made from recycled glass and pieces that once took the form of beer, water and wine bottles. They are then transformed into wearable art. Each piece is handcrafted of my studio in Georgia, Atlanta explains designer Kathleen Plate. Even cocktail dresses made of Smartglass were seen on the catwalk for Spring 09.Design director Hoda Mallone says about her company Eco-ga-nik: Organic, natural and sustainable fashion should give the eco-minded costumer a lot of options for her wardrobe for any occasion.� That is exactly what her new spring 2009 is about. This is her second year at Mercedes Benz fashion week even if she started the company five years ago. You see empire waist babydoll dresses, fleece jackets, hoodies, jersey basics and knit bottoms. Natural material is used as 100% organic cotton and hemp jersey. Eco-Ganik is a California based manufacturer an active members of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) Could Clothlogic have been a homage to grunge rocker Kurt Cobain type of clothing? This was my first thought when Tulle & Cloth Logic made their debut on the runway this season at Smashbox Studios. It�s a Barbie & Ken Line for who loves 60�s vintage style, men in cardigans, vests, zip-up sweaters, windbreakers and short trenchcoats. The � Tulle Woman Spring 2009″ is dressed in sleeveless sweaters with collar, dresses with pleats, sweater dresses, tulip overlay skirts and nylon trenchcoats. The material is organic cotton and tencel, which comes from the cellulosa in woolpulp. Newcomer on the Los Angeles scene Leila Hafzi, presented her first collection in 1997 in her homeland Stavanger,Norway. This season�s debut collection Utopia is inspired by animals from the Tibetan mythology and wildlife, which also reflects in the prints and color You see 70�s silk crepe chiffon dress and hand-painted silk dress with tiger motif on her runway. Leila Hafzi make sure everything she touch is eco-friendly and use ethically traded fabrics and production methods. She established Nepal productions As in 2005 and represent the very best Nepal can offer in tailoring and textile. All told, it was a memorable Fashion �Two Weeks� and will be more interesting in the Spring when every designed has to choose a from a wide variety of venues.

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