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The Hus would probably say I�m bordering on becoming an obsessed environmentalist. Ok, maybe �environmentalist� isn�t the exact correct word, as I do not picket businesses, or only wash with lava soap. And until I can get all my research together � I do not compost�although it is definitely on my �to-do� list. The Hus would also probably say it all started when we moved back to Denver. Growing up in Colorado (especially in the small town of Parker) sort of lent my childhood to be naturally �green.� My parents � though in no way hippies � were very eco-conscious as a rule. My mom used cloth diapers, she composted, we only drank natural soda, everyone drove a Volvo�you get it. And then there is simply living in Colorado�where nature is religion here. After moving into our first home, I finally felt the freedom of being able to make my own lifestyle choices. Now, recycling isn�t an option � it�s a rule. The Hus is forced to wash out used Ziplocs for reuse. Envirosax & Eco Bags make every trip to the store. And we both are in a quandary about where to put raked leaves and pulled weeds (somehow, putting organic items into a trash bag seems completely counter-intuitive). I think this feeling as spilled over into Delight. I wanted choices to aid me in making better � greener � decisions for my home AND lifestyle. I didn�t want to look like a washed-up Grateful Dead groupie. I don�t think all things need to be made of hemp. So when I discovered Smart Glass jewelry, I was � needless to say � very very happy. All jewelry is constructed from recycled bottles. Beer bottles and wine bottles namely. Most of which, if you saw my recycle bin, could have been easily supplied by my house�as it seems someone is always over, and we�re always cooking for something. I love the simplicity of a circle, and if you haven�t noticed a color theme yet on Delight, I love me the color green. Thus, this necklace is just about perfect for where I�m at today. As a gift, this eco-friendly necklace tells a great story. It has a purpose, and it�s �green� without being � well � too green. Plus, I love that all Smart Glass jewelry is handmade. In Georgia. It�s all just kind of wonderful if you ask me. And if you�re wondering how I can manage to weave in re-used Ziploc bags and a pretty green circle pendant, the answer lies in the description. It IS possible to reuse things. Not everything needs to be immediately thrown away. And your money � your green money � is much more capable of stretching itself farther than you think. Why This Gets The Delight Seal of Approval: We tested many to bring you one Delightful Must-Have today� - Recycled wine glass circle pendant necklace - 18� Sterling silver chain - Pendant size: approx 2.25 inches - Material: recycled wine bottle - Designed by Kathleen Plate for Smart Glass Jewelry - Gorgeous, eco-friendly jewelry!

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