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Lyra Mag - Jul 21st, 2008

SMART GLASS JEWELRY MISSION STATEMENT/MOTTO: �Drink it. Wear it. The beautiful jewelry inside this box was handcrafted by Atlanta Artist Kathleen Plate from a recycled bottle. Really!� Kathleen gets her bottles to make her jewelry from Coca Cola and the Aveda Corporation. She also uses some special blue sake bottles as well as the wine and beer bottles she donates to affiliated events � she donates the liquor inside, and keeps the bottles to make jewelry. Kathleen is growing her profile, she�ll be debuting on the Home Shopping Network in a 1 hour spot in July and 1 in August as their �organic guru�, when she�ll be talking about Smart Glass and other eco products. . PRICING: $30 � 250 per item BRANCHING OUT Kathleen is also available for special projects such as chandeliers. She�s been commissioned by Magic to create the installations, which will include some of her stunning chandeliers. We were thrilled with the ultra light emerald green glass gypsy hoop earrings we received in our gift bag. We�ve never liked beer, so finally, something about beer we like!

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