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MSN Postbox - Aug 1st, 2012

Coco Chanel may have set the wheels of minimalist style into motion by convincing women to take off at least one accessory before heading out the door, but sometimes less isn’t more. Take Kathleen Plate’s company, Smart Glass, which makes jewelry that is loaded with killer color and is guaranteed to make a fashion statement. 


Before "sustainable" was an overused term used to describe anything made with environmental awareness, Plate was busy creating something beautiful out of the everyday. If you drink from it, Plate will make it. From the most visually stunning chandeliers to statement rings, necklaces and earrings, the Atlanta-based designer’s work can be seen on celebrities and on that hipster at the farmers market selling free-trade coffee (and everyone in-between). 


Plate tops herself with her newest line for Smart Glass, the Hex collection. Arriving just in time for fall, the pieces are mostly in bold jewel tones, all made from recycled salad dressing, beer, wine, soda and sake bottles fashioned into the hexagonal shape of polished gems. 


Plate has put a spell on us with this collection where more is, in fact, more. 


In addition to selling nationally at places like the Guggenheim Museum and UnCommon Goods, Smart Glass Jewelry is sold at many Atlanta-area boutiques. Or shop online by visiting by clicking on one of the Hex necklaces. 

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