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Coca-Cola Simple Wave Earrings
$52.00Style C4001
Summer Special Necklace
$26.00Style CCB1012
Coca-Cola® Recycled Circle Ring Bracelet
$84.00Style C328
Coca-Cola Recycled Glass Cufflinks
$64.00Style C2008
Small Coca-Cola® Bottle Earrings
$54.00Style C1001
Small Cube Necklace
$42.00Style cCube012
Large Coca-Cola® Bottle Earrings
$68.00Style C1002
Coca-Cola Cuatro Necklace
$78.00Style C4012
Coca-Cola® Double Flip Earrings
$72.00Style C1005
Coca-Cola Small Wave Necklace
$72.00Style C4014
Open Coca-Cola Bottle Bracelet
$94.00Style C1031
Coca-Cola® Chandelier Earrings
$84.00Style C1004
Coca-Cola Large Wave Necklace
$94.00Style C4013
Coca-Cola Bottle Square Earrings
$49.00Style C225square
Coca-Cola Wave Chandelier Necklace
$102.00Style C4034
Coca-Cola® Recycled Rectangle Earrings
$49.00Style C225R
Coca-Cola Large Ruffle Necklace
$232.00Style C4024
Red Coca-Cola® Logo Square Earrings
$49.00Style Cred225
Brass Coca-Cola Circle with Tassel
$60.00Style C7027
Red Coca-Cola® Recycled Earrings
$49.00Style Cred225R
Brass Coca-Cola Lucky 7 necklace
$78.00Style C7036
Coca-Cola Lucky 7 necklace
$102.00Style C1036
Brass Coke Large Pendant with Large Chain
$54.00Style C7020
Coca-Cola Double on Large Brass Chain
$68.00Style C7037
Coca-Cola Brass Chandelier Necklace
$78.00Style C7034
Coca-Cola® Double Neck Small
$78.00Style C1018
Large Circle on Large Chain
$89.00Style C1020
Double on Large Chain
$94.00Style C1037
Coca-Cola Chandelier Necklace
$106.00Style C1034
3-Ring Lariat
$128.00Style C1022
Coca-Cola® Glass Necklace on snake chain
$68.00Style C723
Red Coca-Cola® Square on Snake
$69.00Style Cred723