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Seaglass Style Simple Earrings
$48.00Style S1001
Seaglass Style Boomerang Earrings
$52.00Style S1009
Simple Seaglass Style Necklace
$38.00Style S1012
Seaglass Style Chandelier Necklace
$86.00Style S1034
Mini Boomerang Earrings
$48.00Style Mini009
Mini Boomerang Earrings Aqua
$48.00Style Mini009 Aqua
Mini Chandelier Earrings
$86.00Style Mini004
Mini Chandelier Earrings Multi
$86.00Style Mini004 Multi
Mini Simple Necklace
$42.00Style Mini010
Mini Simple Necklace Aqua
$42.00Style Mini010 Aqua
Mini Triple Necklace
$64.00Style Mini012
Mini Triple Necklace Aqua
$64.00Style Mini012 Aqua
Mini Chandelier Necklace
$86.00Style Mini034
Mini Chandelier Necklace Multi
$86.00Style Mini034 Multi
Stiletto Brass Earrings
$52.00Style StilB009
Stiletto on Gold Fill Satellite Chain
$42.00Style StilB012
Stiletto Brass Long Necklace
$62.00Style StilB027
Stiletto Sterling Earrings
$52.00Style Stil001
Stiletto Sterling Satellite Necklace
$38.00Style Stil012
Stiletto 3 Piece Silver Necklace
$86.00Style Stil013
Cube Long Tassel Necklace
$86.00Style CubeB022
Simple Cube Necklace Gold Fill
$42.00Style CubeB012
Cube Gold Ring
$52.00Style CubeB006
Simple Cube Necklace
$38.00Style Cube012
Cube Circle Lariat
$86.00Style Cube022
Cube Ring
$42.00Style Cube006
Simple Gin Earring Gold
$48.00Style GinG1001
Boomerang Gin Earrings Gold
$52.00Style GinG1009
Simple Gin Necklace Gold
$44.00Style GinG1012
Simple Gin Earrings Silver
$48.00Style Gin1001
Boomerang Gin Earring Silver
$52.00Style Gin1009
Simple Gin Necklace Silver
$42.00Style Gin1012
Small Wave Earrings
$48.00Style 4001
Wave Sterling Boomerang Earring
$52.00Style 4009
Wave Small Pendant
$66.00Style 4014
Wave Cuatro Necklace
$72.00Style 4012
Large Wave Pendant
$86.00Style 4013
Wave Chandelier Necklace
$96.00Style 4034
Ruffle Necklace
$212.00Style 4024
Gypsy Ruffle Necklace
$212.00Style 4024 Gypsy
Brass Small Wave Earrings
$48.00Style B4001
Wave Gold Boomerang Earrings
$52.00Style B4009
Brass Small Wave Pendant
$56.00Style B4014
Brass Wave Cuatro Necklace
$62.00Style B4012
Brass Large Wave Pendant
$78.00Style B4013
Brass Wave Chandelier Necklace
$86.00Style B4034
Brass Ruffle Necklace
$196.00Style B4024
Brass Small Earrings Antique Clear
$40.00Style B4001 AC
Brass Small Wave Pendant Antique Clear
$56.00Style B4014 AC
Brass Wave Cuatro Necklace Antique Clear
$62.00Style B4012 AC
Brass Large Wave Pendant Antique Clear
$78.00Style B4013 AC
Brass Wave Chandelier Necklace Antique Clear
$86.00Style B4034 AC
Brass Ruffle Necklace Antique Clear
$196.00Style B4024 AC
$0.00Style style no:
Baby Hex Gold Simple Earrings
$42.00Style B2001
Baby Hex Gold Boomerang Earrings
$48.00Style B2009
Baby Hex Gold Satellite Necklace
$48.00Style B2012
Baby Hex Brass Long Necklace
$58.00Style B2027
Baby Hex Sterling Simple Earrings
$42.00Style 2001
Baby Hex Sterling Boomerang Earrings
$46.00Style 2009
Baby Hex Sterling Satellite Necklace
$46.00Style 2012
Sterling Baby Hex Lariat
$86.00Style 2022
eco meets edge brass
$0.00Style press source:
Brooklyn Subway Glass
$14.95Style Brooklyn Subway
Brooklyn Subway Glass Set of 4
$54.95Style Brooklyn Set of 4