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Exciting shapes will bewitch you with this jewel-style line made 100% from the same recycled bottles you know and love. Drink it. Wear it.® You won´t believe how beautiful a beer bottle can be.®

Hex Silver Earrings
$32.00Style 8001
Hex Silver Loop Earrings
$48.00Style 8003
Hex Silver Boomerang Earrings
$48.00Style 8006
Hex Silver Large Pendant
$58.00Style 8013
Hex Silver Large Pendant on Large Chain
$66.00Style 8020
Hex Silver Double Chain
$86.00Style 8025
Cocktail Ring
$54.00Style 2006
Hexagon Cocktail Ring
$58.00Style 2007
Hex Silver 5-Stone Large Necklace
$158.00Style 8024